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Portland Investigators (DPSST# 33888) is a private investigation agency based in Portland, Oregon.  We specialize in trial preparation for civil and criminal attorneys and their clients. Our investigators are discreet, thorough and well-trained in legal information-gathering techniques. Our services include:

  • Witness location
  • Interviews and statements
  • Record collecting
  • Evidence reviews
  • Case analysis
  • Asset searches
  • Background checks
  • Civil compromise negotiation


What We Do

At Portland Investigators, we help attorneys and individuals make decisions. We use the tools of interviews, analysis, and document research to develop the information our clients need so they can make informed decisions at crucial periods in their lives. 


Our Philosophy

At Portland Investigators, we believe in the power of human relationships. Many investigators today rely on telephone calls and Internet database searches to do their job. This works sometimes, maybe even most of the time. But searching the Web and making a few phone calls is not a thorough investigation.

We believe in knocking on doors, entering homes as the guests of clients, victims, and witnesses, and sitting down to talk. Face to face human interaction yields more useful and otherwise unobtainable information than Internet searches ever will.

We question, we pursue, we verify.

Member Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Assn

Assoc. Member Multnomah Bar Assn

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Portland Investigators

P.O. Box 10673 Portland, OR 97296

(503) 481-0671 portlandinvestigators@gmail.com

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